The Grand Stealth Tour & Great Detail Theft

ScanLAB Projects Summer Workshop - July 2012

Workshop 02 The Grand Stealth Tour & Detail Theft saw students undertake a covert tour of some of London's most notorious architectural monuments from Wren to Foster. While avoiding the watchful eyes of the building's security personnel and the ever monitoring City of London CCTV network the students positioned themselves as faux architectural admirers, in reality acting as student shields and focused the scanner toward prominent structures. While the students 'admired the architecture' the scanner mercilessly measured, captured and stored the buildings details, arguably cloning the original architects intellectual property. Returning to the Bartlett the scans were analysed, key details zoom into and prepared for unashamed replication on the Bartlett's 3 Axis router.

Over the Summer of 2012 ScanLAB @UCL held 2 four day summer workshops. In each workshop participants explored the possibilities of large scale 3D scanning and its possible routes towards digital fabrication. Each workshop setup a series of live experiments across London and then returned to the Bartlett to speculate on how large scale 3D scanning will change architectural making processes in the future.