Groupe Two - Elevated

Ali Zolfaghari, Sarah Firth, Ruben Alonso

The film Elevated explores a perceptual journey in Kielder forest where nature is an artificial patchwork. Trees are planted over time to ensure a staggered harvest, and the different environments of these various parts of the forest become the raw material of the film. Three scans in three different locations, capturing three different stages of tree growth.

Elevated proposes a specific perception of the forest, in which time and space col- lapse. The film montage juxtaposes and superimposes the various stages in a continuous movement as all three scans are aligned within the abstract grid in which the forest is planted. The film takes the form of a multiplied perception and thus, the composition becomes the proposition. The tension in the montage allows for a proposition to emerge, showing spatial relationships that lay behind the image. It's effectively an image thought; an experiential space of the forest communicated through film.