Group One - Forest Star Map 

Team - Sammy Lee, Rory Keenan, Chao Yue, Wenteitecture Pan

Stars, points of light in the night sky that have been used for centuries to navigate and orientate travelers in the world. The star maps they created drew relationships between constellations, told stories and were beautiful artefacts in themselves. 

The project was conceived as a constellation, a three dimensional geometry that would point the way between Here and Yonder. The "yonder" point being the value tower of Kielder Dam. "Here" was a small opening in forest where any view of the tower was obscured by tall spruce trees. 

The site was captured in a cloud of points using 3D scanning technology, and later the team highlighted six of these points to form a constellation in the forest. On site these can be seen as six dots of light floating randomly in mid air, but upon standing at the "here" point, line up to form a circular frame for a view to the valve tower. 

The 3D scan meant the team visited the site once, and could work remotely to geo-locate the scan and digitally construct the sightlines to the valve tower. A frame was pre-fabricated to span between trees and hold these points in space, as a literal act of insertion.