Group 4 - Hybrid Topolgies

Kyveli Anastasiadi, Tom Svilans, David Buck

Hybrid topologies is an investigation of how two different landscapes can merge in time, morphology, scale and sound.

The video demonstrates a visual and virtual construct of a polysensory environment where the augmented soundscape and extreme close ups of the camera, open a new scale of vision where one hears a way of touching at a distance.

Although hybrid topologies is a virtual construct, the camera’s movement in terms of speed and navigation is closely related to the soundscape’s volume and duration. Moreover it simulates a real camera motion-track challenging Deleuze statement that ‘the virtual is opposed (…) to the actual’.

Hybrid Topologies suggests an alternative way of perceiving the relationship between the real and the virtual through an augmented, hybrid, in vitro landscape, where 3D scanning is used as a tool for scanning and manipulating real sites and exploring new aesthetic dimensions and methods of representation.