Groupe Three - Micro/Macro

Thomas Pearce, Jan Dierckx, Francesca Pringle

Micro/Macro is an exploration of the notion of scale, both the scale of the film’s subject as that of the very medium of 3d-scanning. Facing a clearing in one of the oldest patches of the Kielder Forest, a tree is covered with an amazing variety of mosses. These mosses, when observed closely, form a fantastic and lush world of different textures, colours and shapes. The film is a zoom-out, starting at the microscopic scale of the mosses, slowly moving out to reveal the branch on which they grow, the tree on which the branch grows and the forest within which the tree has grown. Finally the film unfolds itself as an eternal loop as the macro scale of the actual forest of trees fades into the micro-forest of mosses, thereby reflecting on the self-similarity and the fractal nature of growth.

The footage bases on two scans made from the same point but in different resolutions and qualities. However, no matter which resolution is used and no matter which object is scanned, from a certain distance, its volumetric image will dissolve into the point cloud from which it is constituted. The points transform into molecules floating in space, their spatial relationship to each other becomes illegible. In this early phase of experimentation with the use of scanning and its animation as an artistic medium, the film thereby opens up a discussion on resolution, volume and scale, especially when competing with the established media of photography and film.