The first workshop entitled CAPTURE will be an exploratory wander through the various terrains on offer in Kielder. Students will use 3D scanning as the central technology (amongst others) to describe in forensic detail exact & unique site conditions.  All wanderings will be precisely recorded and located in global space. The products of this workshop will be film, image and data based. They will be exhibited publically on site in Kielder in a plantation cinema space.  The same products will then be transplanted for an urban (Bartlett based) screening. 

The 4 day expedition will leave the Bartlett at 4:30pm Thursday 8th November, returning Monday 12th. Students will engage with London based film makers, local experts and Kielder residents throughout the site exploration, film making and screening.

All transport, accommodation and equipment costs are included but each student will make a contribution of £60 towards food & drink.