02// Speed - Documentary

Tom Parker, ScanLAB Projects


Our city streets are constantly tracked by mobile mapping vehicles. Goggle Trekkers are digitising pathways up Mt Fuji and the Grand Canyon. Producing image based journeys in endless flat pixels, they are 2D representations of 3D.

Mabley Flyover formed the ORIGIN POINT for our second workshop London 02 // SPEED. Taking Mabley as 0,0,0 we took 4 differently paced journeys, by foot, by bicycle, by canal and by road. Using the scanner to map our journeys as we went, collecting a continuous streams of data. 

Each journey and the data collected was dependent on the speed of travel and the scanners line of sight, taking this base data students warped and distorted the terrain we surveyed based on their interpretations of the journeys.