Impossible Space Ottawa_G1

Ben Hayward, Shawn Moscovich, Marcus Poon and Hao Wen Lim

The projection titled impossible space attempts to explore the boundary of our known and physically perceivable reality. Through the materialization and rendered manipulation of point cloud, generated by the 3D scanner, the projection seeks to uncover exquisite detail and spaces that exist in the impossibly. The Camera path lead the viewer into previous unknown perceptions, like the exteriority of a tree trunks inside, (made possible by scanning the tree from the outside), a bath in the pixilated water of the digitized river or a flight through the canyons of a wall. 

Through rethinking projection as a linear frontal oriented medium into a full immersive projection ground, the project begins to speculate on the notion of spatial perception and understanding. — in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.