Urban Scan Shadows & The Unscanned Void

ScanLAB Projects Summer Workshop - July 2012


Over the Summer of 2012 ScanLAB @UCL held 2 four day summer workshops. In each workshop participants explored the possibilities of large scale 3D scanning and its possible routes towards digital fabrication. Each workshop setup a series of live experiments across London and then returned to the Bartlett to speculate on how large scale 3D scanning will change architectural making processes in the future.

Workshop 01 Urban Scan Shadows & the Unscanned Void saw students produce a series of highly staged city scans, precisely chosen to exploits the ideas of city scale scan shadow casting and data voids. The chosen location for this workshop was the Barbican Centre. Students used the monolithic concrete facades as a blank canvas for the projection of puppet shows, patterns and themselves, with a particular focus on 'decorating' the Brutalist facades with Arts & Craft-esque patterns and very humane content. The resultant shadow and void filled facades where meshed and prepared for fabrication at the Bartlett's Digital Manufacturing Centre.